Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I admit, I know very little about melt and pour soap other than it can be bought at pretty much any local craft store and you melt it in the microwave. My youngest wanted to make cold processed soap with me but because of the lye I told her to start off with M&P. I tried playing with it many yrs ago and found it difficult to deal with because of the sweating so I just gave up. When my daughter expressed a desire to make soap I got her some M&P at Michaels and again the sweating was an issue and she didn’t like it but she really wanted to make more so I asked around and was told about a “low sweat” option. I found some on Brambleberry and purchased a block with my fragrance order. Here is what my daughter experienced. It’s worse than what they sell at Michael’s. My daughter gave up and said she will wait til I allow her to work with lye. When she is 15-16 ish?