Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Crafty Crowe is my favorite Friday find!

picture from the crafty crowe used with permission
"The idea for this blog came out of my need to keep track of all the wonderful children's crafts I see on the internet. This collective specializes in crafts found on weblogs of creative people who either have, or work with, kids. You will also find tips, tools, resources, and other ideas sprinkled here and there over time." ~ Bella Dia, single stay-at-home mother of 3.

The Crafty Crowe is an excellent resource for parents looking for things to do with their children. The Crafty Crowe has everything from making puppets and ornaments to writing stories and celebrating the winter solstace. All activities are categorized by age group so crafty ideas geared to your childs age are easy to find.