Friday, April 3, 2009

After moving into our new neighborhood a year ago I was told by several "seasoned" neighbors what I could and couldn't do (legally) in our neighborhood. One, of course, was the "no clothes line" rule. Well, today I decided to visit the Municipal center. I was loaded with questions. Can I hang my clothes on a line outside, can I put my garbage out by the curb, can I have those chickens I dream about (the neighbors said it was illegal)?

The ladies working for the city were wonderful. Ready to answer every question I could throw at them. Although I'll admit, they were a little befuddled by my chicken question. You know that face... the one that says "are you crazy or just pulling my leg?" When they got over the shock and realized I wasn't joking the answer I WAS NOT HOPING for was "No, we don't allow chicken's." We CAN however have that clothes line all the neighbors complained about. I was warned that the neighbors will probably kick and scream once they see it but I'm not violating any city laws.

I left municipal bldg feeling a little deflated. I really wanted those chickens. Even though I pretty much knew early on that it wouldn't be allowed in our neighborhood I held on to that inkling of hope. After licking my wounds over the loss chicken battle I decided I'm going to petition the city. I'm a one woman army ready for action. I want those damn chickens. At least I want a good explanation as to WHY I can't have them. Call me crazy, those ladies at the city building sure think I am. But we'll see what happens anyway.

As for the garbage. Nope! It stays by the garage and the garbage man has to walk up to get it. Thats ok by me :)